Raggy Project
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What's all this stuff?

To bring out the "feel" and full tonality of the equipment, we're using an all-analog collection of quality equipment, much of which is vintage (and bloody expensive!). Rather than use cheaper and easy-to-maintain stuff at our pub gigs, we're using some pretty high-end stuff. Check out that all-valve Marshall guitar amp and the vintage Roland bass amp.... the valves ("tubes", for those of you who speak a diferent English) have a gloriously rich character, and every session is a bit different from other sessions... depending on how hot the valves get, how long and how hard they're driven they give uniquely different tonal characteristics.

Guitarists might be curious as to what effects Raggy uses... it's a self-built board with a pile of boutique analog effects. MesaBoogie V-Twin, Carl Martin delay and Chorus, Barber Drive and Press, RMC2 Wah, Banzai Fireball.....and a self-built true-bypass switchboard.


album and amplifier

1. Fender USA 70's Stratocaster
2. Fender USA Swamp Ash Telecaster
3. Maton Stagemaster Acoustic

Bass: Yamaha Bass

Guitar Amp: Marshall TSL100
Amp Cabinet: Marshall 1967A
Bass Amp: Roland Studio 100

Studio Preamp/Compressor/Eq: TL Audio Fatman Fat Funker

Drums: Durvan uses a Pearl drum kit. Some cow's bell too :)