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ahh....the trappings of fame and success....we'll tell you all about it as soon as we find out about it! For now, it's just all about slogging and practising and carrying heavy equipment around and trying to pay the bills... But still, we appreciate all your support, and if you want to declare your lack of taste to the whole of cyberspace, we won't stop you from joining our Fan Club:

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You can even drop us an e-mail if you like, at raggy@doc.com.my

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Share our music with friends, no problem. Play our songs at parties or perform them with your band, no problem. As long as you don't sell our music or use it for profit!

mp3Unsigned.com is a great place where unsigned artists showcase their music. Check out a whole pile of tomorrow's music in the making there.

Shameless plug here: If you want to support our music, you might want to buy the Maybe SomeDay album or songs online. This will help us start the next album!