Raggy Project
Raggy Project album cover

The Band

The Drummer: Durvan. It's an old saying in the music industry, all drummers are madmen. Durvan's no exception :) He's now playing a ton of songs in a ton of different styles, and had just 3 weeks to get ready for our first gig...only a madman could have pulled this off!

The Bassist: Melvin. Nice bloke caught up in a crazy band :) Also plays the saxophone, drums, keyboards, guitars......currently working towards becoming a rock singer. Is married, though, so nobody's perfect :)

The Roadie/Soundman: Punk. Takes a big load, literally, off the band's shoulders.

album and amplifier

The "Maybe Some Day" album Musicians

Durvan and Melvin joined the project after the album was done. Smart guys! For the album, some great musicians from various parts of the globe have contributed their skills to some songs.

Mark Holley from the USA does a magnificiant job on Keyboards (piano, strings, organ, horns) on Nagativity Blues, Please Stop Hurting Me, and No Way Out.

Hans Mulders from Holland plays drums on Nagativity Blues and Haven't Seen You For A While.

Akib Ramly, from Penang, plays the Saxophone on Distant Star despite having had coronary bypass surgery not too long ago. And now for the Oxygen cylinder......