Raggy Project
Raggy Project album cover

The project

This project is about making music and performing it live.

It's also about struggling to do things right, even when the odds are stacked mightily against you.

  • We challenge ourselves to create good songs of our own.
  • We challenge ourselves to play a diverse range of styles.
  • We don't pander to commercial, market-driven interests, we only do songs the way we like them.

Raggy Project: Form a band. Find musicians who were willing to go beyond the standard cover-songs every other band is playing, and venture into serious musical territory doing originals. We do however see the limitations of people listening to a band playing just their own unknown originals, but if we had to play covers too then we'd play covers of truly Great songs, songs that were inspiring to the performers as well as the listeners so the audience and the band would have a mutually-rewarding time.

album and amplifier

Enter Durvan , a drummer who's a sucker for punishment.

ZLee steps in on bass guitar, then leaves to be replaced by Melvin, then rejoins!

And Raggy has his teammates, all that remains is for us to put in the thousands of hours of work required........