Raggy Project

Please Stop Hurting Me With Your Love

Sometimes it's hard to take a road, when you can't see ahead
You think you're headed somewhere, but you're just moving to the edge
Could it be premonition, or maybe I'm just afraid
But everytime I see you, I want to walk away instead.

For it's hurting me to be trapped within your love,
I can't take it anymore, for it's wearing down my soul
When you're here beside me it all comes in a rush
But it hurts, it hurts like no pain you'll ever know, so
Please stop hurting me with your love

I just don't know, how to stop loving you, though you're hurting me each day
Somehow we just seem to be fated to be apart
I wish I could tell you this, I want to live again, I want to live again
So please stop hurting me, stop hurting me with your love

This is a difficult song to explain. It's not about human relationships, but a kind of social commentary. You'll have to excuse me for not being able to elaborate.
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Musician's notes

So what's the beat? 4/4? 3/4?
I really wanted to use a beat that would allow the lyrics to come forward, so to speak, and it seems to me that songs with strong "feel" tend to have triplets-based grooves, so I kind of made a Waltz with a Slow-Rock groove with a bluesy feel in a pop song!!! Just like the song's actual meaning itself, the beat is there yet disguised as something else.