Raggy Project

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time, I had the whole world
Waiting just for for me
Once Upon A Time, have I told you my story?
Everything, just for me

I guess I could tell you
Of how I had it all, and oh you should have seen me.
But what does it matter, I guess nothing at all
for Once Upon a Time is not today

Yes, Once Upon A Time, shall I tell you my story
Like the fish, it got away
Once Upon a Time, I had the whole world,
But like the fish, it got away.

Once Upon a Time, but would you believe me
Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't just a dream
yes Once Upon a Time, that's how a story begins
But oh the end, it's a different tale.

Yadda yadda yadda...... and on and on he goes.
If you've worked in a pub, you've seen this sort of guy a thousand times. A couple of drinks and he's on about how great he used to be...Once Upon A Time.....

You learn a fair bit of History when you work in pubs. Musicians, bartenders, waiters and waitresses will know, having to deal regularly with folks living in the past...:)

album and amplifier

Musician's notes

I used the organ for the intro and end to get the "Retro" feel for the song, and the guitar solo is my Strat thru the Marshall head, just a hint of tube drive.