Raggy Project

Living In Poverty

You and I, will always be Living in poverty
You and I, will always be Living in poverty
You and I, no home. You and I, no chance
You and I, will always be
Living in Poverty.

People, will always be fighting this poverty
With guns, with guns,with guns from poverty
They shoot, they shoot, they shoot you and me.

People are said to be Helping you and me
People have guns, People have guns
They help, they help, they help, they help
They shoot, they shoot, they shoot, they shoot
People with guns, they help
They shoot you and me.

Living In Poverty is a strange song. I was practising some finger-exercises on the guitar and had the TV muted while tuned to the BBC News, and they were showing a images of Darfur, Sudan, and the plight of the refugees. It seemed like there is so much suffering going on in such an immense scale but the rest of the world only sees it as a news item, effectively reducing a catastropical genocide to a story with marginal "entertainment" value...

Invariably people in these situations find themselves being "helped" by armed organizations. Soldiers and militias with their own self- interests spring up. From the perspective of the victims, I think there is a resigned sense of hopelessness. Everybody is out to exploit them even as they are dying and suffering.

The techno-disco beat suggests war/famine news is just entertainment. The voice is not really singing, more like resignedly stating a fact of life.

album and amplifier

Musician's notes

There are a few styles of guitars playing, suggesting there is more than one side to the story.

During the guitar solos, 2 guitars "duel": denoting different warring factions. A clean Telecaster-thru-Marshallamp/cabinet guitar miked at 24bit res, is countered by an audacious rock guitar tone coming from a Strat fed into a cheap BOSS multi-efx unit, direct to recording input at just 16-bit resolution. Go figure!

Chords during verses are "power" chords, F5 G5 etc, the absence of the 3rd is used to denote the absence of meaning. The groove during the "fighting" has a camel-riding beat to lend geographic detail to the song.

All in all, a strange multi-layered song hiding in a superficial disco front, I don't expect many to understand it, but it reflects my view on the sad state of affairs in places like that.