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Isn't it strange how we'd invariably rather not discuss the one thing that's sure to happen to everyone? Death, (like taxes!), is a subject most will say is best avoided.

Yet we really have no control over when a death will visit us or family and friends, and when it does come to someone we're close to, we find ourselves unable to come to terms with the situation.

I wrote this piece some years ago, upon a friend's death. At the time, it was melancholy and sombre, but over the years I have had occassion to see more funerals, and I've come to the realization that it is not a person's Death that is the event, rather it is his/her Life that is what matters. And so, in Requiem I try to be respectful to a departed soul without indulging in grief. Rather, I try to convey a sense of a spirit departing with a sense of accomplishment.

Being an instrumental piece, it is open to interpretation and sounds and feels different on different days. Personally, I find in it a bit of solace when I play it as I remember many good people I have known who have passed on.

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