Raggy Project

Haven't Seen You For A While

Hello, haven't seen you for a while
Hello, haven't seen you for a while
I've been gone, I've been gone
I've been gone away

Seems like I've been gone so long, Everybody's changed
I've been gone such a long time, Nothing's quite the same
Guess I've been gone, I've been gone
I've been gone too long

Hello, would that be the great big house
That I said I'd come back to live in some day
They've torn it down, they've torn it down
While I've been gone away

Hello, could we see that grand old park
Where we had so much fun we laughed all day
What's that you say, it's a mall?
It's a mall today!

You will recall my hometown, Seremban, from my description of the song "Cultures".

Has your hometown changed? Mine has, and I'm not sure if it's for the better. I haven't lived there for a long time now, and each time I'm back to visit the family it seems like everything's changed. Parks and fields have given way to "development". Childhood friends are no longer there, there's different faces everywhere.

Age catching up with me, I guess. You know it when you start feeling nostalgic about things like trees and old houses.

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Musician's notes

Most of the musicianship in this song is in the bass line. Bassists tend to be under-appreciated and even taken for granted, but in most songs a good bass line can lift the whole piece a few notches. I've taken pains to make the bass lines for all my songs interesting, and had to practise and practise and practise before I could get this song's bass swinging just right!

I decided to forego a lengthy guitar solo, and instead opted to play an organ solo which then continues into the guitar. My musical influence for the solo section was the great Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, one of the finest musicians who ever lived: a Bluesman who played much more than just one style of music, he was also a fantastic multi-instrumentalist.