Raggy Project

I Keep Thinking Of You

I keep thinking of you, many years on
I hope you're happy and well, I hope you've settled down
I left you without even saying goodbye
I was weak, and I ran away from Love

I wasn't strong, I wasn't strong
And I left you, without even saying goodbye
I was wrong, and I hurt you
But then again I also hurt me.

I hope time has eased your pain, although I hurt you so
I was mean, I was cruel and I bear the blame
I lost my love, I lost my pride
And though years move on, still I hang my head in shame

Funny how certain chapters in our lives are better dealt with in Latin-style ballads......

album and amplifier

Musician's notes

The m7b5 chord holds the key to the progression here, as in many Latin-style songs. I avoided using diminished chords for this song, it would have been just too cliche'.
Chords were plucked with fingers, I did try using a pick on the acoustic guitar and the result was horribly devoid of "feel". The solo was played using a hybrid pick/finger technique.