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Raggy Project's Latest Album: 2012b !
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Countryman Tour extended! Raggy's Countryman Tour is extending into 2018. Re-invited to perform at Show Box, Phnom Penh on 16 Feb, and at Jazzistics, Singapore on March 3. Updates at the "Raggy Singh" Facebook page.
16 great songs ranging from folksy ballads to footstompers and Country-Rock/Blues flavoured numbers.

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2018 performances:
Please check Raggy's Facebook Page for updates on performances.

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Other Raggy Albums

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2012b is available at CD Baby (click image on left) and BandCamp

"Maybe Some Day" is available online at CDbaby.com and BandCamp as well Download individual songs or the whole album from iTunes
If you want an autographed CD, you can get it at one of our gigs!

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