My Songs

Much as I enjoy  playing songs by my favourite songwriters and artists, I also feel the compelling need to write my own songs and describe the world as I see it in my own little way.

As I travel through my own life’s experiences, making mistakes and learning along the way, I’ve been putting thoughts down in songs. Many of my songs have a layered social-commentary context as I deal with both happy and sad issues. But then again, one cannot always be too serious, and so there are some songs with outrageously tongue-in-cheek issues implied 🙂


Raggysville Studio. Where it all happens. Used to be my bedroom, then I modified it a bit , then a bit more, then a major upgrade, then another…. it’s a sinkhole for all my earnings 🙁

“Countryman” is my latest album. Released in mid-2017, it is a collection of Country-themed songs ranging from typical twangy Country to Country-Rock.


“2012b”, released in 2012b (!) is a collection of  Pop, Blues and Rock songs recorded in basic-band format.

“Maybe Some Day” was released in 2006. It was my first attempt at studio recording , and all I had was some basic equipment set up in my bedroom! I played most of the instruments on all tracks, and for some songs I collaborated with musicians from other countries who contributed their instrumentations. Very eclectic selection of songs.