An interview by RICE, an online station in Vietnam.

Rocking It! (Call Me The Breeze – Cover)

“Let’s Just Say” (Raggy Original). Performing at Gusto Cafe, Penang.

The following videos show me doing covers of some iconic songs, recorded during actual performances.

“Mr. Bojangles”. I love this song. Written by Jerry Jeff Walker, based on a true story…

“The Boxer”. A Simon&Garfunkel classic.

“Sultans Of Swing”: THE Dire Straits’ classic. Somewhat taxing on the fingers….

Some folks think I’m nuts, I have absolutely no clue why. I try to be serious in everything I do, it’s just that I tend to stretch the boundaries of sanity in my quest for stretching the boundaries of sanity.

Here are a couple of videos that may explain my “Certified Insane” status… 🙂

A young couple go to the movies on a date, it’s a C-grade horror movie, and the girl complains throughout while the hapless guy tries to explain.
Extremely low-tech video featuring faces of a bunch of my crazy Facebook friends. Art by Ricky Taylor. It does not get any crazier. LOL.

Malaysians have a strange way of speaking English among themselves. A mix of English and strange sentence structure. In this song, (from my 2012b album) I took the hit song from my 1st album, “Maybe Someday” and made a spoof of it, using a narrative being spoken by an imaginary neighbour who just can’t seem to depreciate musicians enough. If you hear in stereo, on channel will play the legit song while the narrative is on the other channel. You can sit closer to the band or the neighbour 🙂

There’s nothing like having a bit of fun while performing in a small pub. I like helping the folks overcome their shyness…

This is an old song I sort of adapted…..

Instrumentals give a bit of respite to the vocal chords. But they tend to be somewhat taxing on the fingers….

Acoustic Improvization

Sofie. My darling. She was a pup when I was working on my 1st album in 2005-6. She died before I could complete “Countryman”. I wrote this for her. RIP my baby.

Dogs are our very best friends. The only see the good in us, they’re blind to our faults.
A whole bunch of my friends sent photos of their best buddies to go along with this song.

I also perform with the Raggy Project band when the occasion requires a full band. The music then becomes somewhat different, with more detailed arrangements. Material ranges from the usual band-style classic-Rock and Blues stuff, but I also enjoy exploring with different arrangements. Here are few videos of my performance at the Penang International World Music Festival a few years ago.